Anthony Kletzander's struggle for independent living!

Anthony Kletzander is 26 he has the label of Autism, he does not use the spoken word- but communicates by typing on his keyboard. Anthony's treatment whilst in Redwood Extended Care Facility in Starmullen, Ireland is a cause for serious concern for any disabled person wanting to live independently in Ireland. 

For three years, Anthony lived independently with support, in his own apartment, good diet, regular physical activity, and was studying at a university in Dublin. 

Anthony's support arrangements were managed by Áiseanna Tacaíochta Network (ATN) based in Dublin and funded by The Health Service Executive (HSE) Dublin. Both organisations publicly support Independent Living in Ireland.

However, ATN's Director recommended to HSE that Anthony should be taken into residential care for further assessment.(Anthony and his family did not want further assessments) Anthony was sent to Redwood Extended Care Facility.

Within two days he was given antipsychotic drugs, and taken off his dairy and gluten free diet. This was despite protests from Anthony, his parents and family GP. Redwood ignored the protests and continued the drug regime, three days later Anthony had a series of nine seizures and was admitted as an emergency patient to the general hospital. Anthony had never experienced seizures before he entered Redwood or before he was given anti psychotic medication.

After hospital Anthony was returned to Redwood and the same drug regime was continued. There was no apology or explanation given to Anthony or his family about his treatment.
The final insult against Anthony after three months at Redwood, he was denied access to his own Case Conference and prevented from using his means of communication, whilst 15  professionals sat and delivered their opinions about Anthony.

Anthony's experience at Redwood is a serious abuse of his human rights, any yet the people responsible for Anthony's treatment:

                        Redwood Extended Care Facility
                        The Heath Service Executive
                        Áiseanna Tacaíochta Network 

Remain silent.

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